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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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pg&e will testify. also happening right now in washington, d.c., federal reserve ben bernanke is about to deliver his seemmy-annual economic report before congress -- semi-annual economic report before congress. these are live pictures of him getting ready to make his report. today's focus is expected to be on gas prices. with gas prices approaching $4 a gallon, there's's fear americans could cut back on their spending on other discretionary items. stay with us here on ktvu. we'll bring you updates on bernanke's report throughout this newscast. a high-tech heist in fremont. a team of armed robbers targeted unigen corporation early sunday morning. and a short time ago, kraig debro talked with an industry
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analyst about what those suspects may do next. what did they say? >> reporter: i want to show you this is unigen behind me. in the last 15 minutes or so, the parking lot went from being empty to completely full. if you look through there, you may see -- it looks like a manufacturing area, perhaps a staging area. but police confirm for us this morning that this is where the thieves got into the property. you can see the storage facility behind it. they could be hidden back there. no one could see them. we also heard from the industry analyst about the heist. fifteen people with guns and rifles came in. they were wearing all black and ski masks. they came in, tied up all of the employees, they took wallets. they took everything from them. at the same time, the same group was loading up a truck
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full of components. we don't know what was stolen. police haven't said that. in speaking to an industry analyst, rob, enerly, he says, it used to be more common that you would see a heist like this happening. but security got tighter, so they don't happen as much. >> i kind of wonder if these guys recognize that their chance of getting away with this is low. on the other hand, law enforcement has been cut back low and you wonder if that's not having an impact with what people believe they can get away with. >> reporter: he said there are markets for these devices, sufficient as what they sell at unigen. they have an office 234 malaysia, thailand and vietnam. we don't know if there's any kind of connection there. hopefully we'll talk to the ceo this morning and he can tell us where he thinks the components
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may have gone or j they were stolen -- or why they were stolen. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. 7:03. well, new accusations against that state district detective accused of -- that state drug detective accused of selling drugs. norman wielsh and christopher butler, allegedly tried to buy a -- find a buyer for two bricks of military explosives two days before they were arrested. the two men are due to appear in court tomorrow for their arraignment. an elementary school principal in vallejo announces that they need to be aware of their surroundings after someone gave out cookies laced with marijuana.
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allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: good morning. the lieutenant of the vallejo police who we poke to said the four kids -- who we spoke to said the four kids got sick yesterday, when one. students shared cookies with three classmates and they didn't realize they were laced with pot. they got the cookies at a local convenience store. the cookies were individually wrapped. when the teacher looked a the -- looked at the cookie, there was some sort of writing on it, as a can gnaw business -- cannabis cookie. the police was not able to confirm that. vallejo police said early this morning, their reporting system was down. they didn't have a lot of detailed information at their fingertips. here on the school grounds, you can see this drug-free zone
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sign. this morning, we've been trying to contact a spokeswoman with the vallejo unified school district. we're waiting to hear back from her. she reportedly said the principal prance on having a -- principal plans on having a discussion with the parents. back to you. >> thank you. 7:06. well, starting today, the minimum payment to buy a clipper card goes up to $5. clipper cards are the cards you use to pay for rides with several bay area transit agencies. including b.a.r.t -- b.a.r.t., a.t. transit and. muni riders who don't want to pay $5 can still buy singing rides or round-trip tickets. 7:06. let's check in with sal and see how traffic is going -- doing on the first day of march. >> traffic is doing okay so
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far. but it's busy at the toll plaza. i think a lot of people probably aren't gonna be surprised by us. it's busy coming into the city. there are no major problems. na major -- no major problems coming into the downtown area. let's go to the maps. hayward, union city. traffic is gonna be slow from hayward down to about ripple and -- whipple and after that it picks up for your drive to fremont. it's not the worse but you are get -- you are already getting some slowing. 7:07. to steve now. thank you, sir. a mostly clear morning. wee have sunshine, a mix of sun -- we'll have sunshine, a mix of sun and clouds. it's tonight you have to worry about. until then we have an okay day. temperatures will start out in the 40s, end up in the 60s. mostly sunny for some.
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cloudy for others. a strong system begins to move in. this will pic up the wind in a -- pick up the wind in a -- in a big way. morning sun, cloudy afternoon. brief, heavy rain is possible. maybe over 2 inches in the russian river. morning will give way to coldened -- to cold and breezy conditions. some of these clouds are getting closer. not before we've had a lot of 30s. sonoma is in there at 32. same for clayton. dublin pleasanton, 35. san anselmo at 36. 33 fairfield, 33 santa rosa to 4 livermore. even 37 redwood city and oakland airport at 38. sanjose start out under mostly fair skies. there are higher clouds down there. 55 at noon. high today of 60 under mostly
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cloudy skies. today, most of the day will be dry. [no audio ]
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today, the u.s. has moved
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naval and air forces closer to libya and says all options are opening, including patrols of libya's airspace to prevent moammar gadhafi from firing on anti-government demonstrators. there are celebrations in a libyan city, the closest one to the capital. overnight, they tried for hours and could not take control of the city 30 miles west of tripoli. singer nelly furtado will receive a big donation she received. she posted on twitter that in 2007 she received $1 million from the libyan leader -- leader for a 45-minute show for guests at a hotel in italy. furtado says that she now plans to donate the money to charity but did not specify which one. and beyonce, mariah carey,
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usher and 50-cent are being urged to give back money they received in 2008. carey was reported paid $1 million to perform on saint bart's island on new year's eve. a novato man expected to appear in the marin county courtroom today after being accused of importing drug- making chemicals from poland. authorities arrested richard paul bryant yesterday. he's accused of -- accused of receiving a chemical called gbl. officials say gbl can be used to make date lane drugs and steroids. a san quentin man, a death row inmate has died of natural causes. richard ray parson was 67 years old. in 1996, he was convicted of fatally beating a woman during a robbery at her home in
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sacramento. now, since 1978, when the death penalty was reinstated here in california, only 1 prisoners have been executed. 53 others on death row have died of disease, old age or illness. 18 of them committed suicide. right now there's 713 inmates on california's death row. state street bank and trust is sutt -- shutting down their operations in almeda. they will move their office to sacramento. the 106 impacted employees will be offered -- will be offered the chance to transfer to sacramento if there are opening the or they can work from home -- if there are openings or they can work from home. no word if the other offices will be closed of the. the financial industry
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expanded last year, san francisco-based wells fargo added nearly 5,000 workers in 2010. that's up 1.8%. bankofamerica hired another 4,000 employees making it almost 1.5% bigger. an industry analyst says banks hire when they find the right people willing to work for the right price. gavin newsom has a new office in the city. he's working in a shared space in the marketplace. this is the only shared space for entrepreneurs. he normally -- the lieutenant- governor usually works in a state-owned building. newsom says despite the new space, he intends to make sacramento his main office. google is expanding its streetview service and using a bigger version of a children's toy do do it -- to do it.
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the internet is using giant tricycles. until now, google has been limited to where the cars can get to. they are including the rancho los altos place. >> interesting looking bit of transportation there. a scary moment during spring training. what happened after the oakland as' first baseman collided with an anaheim angels' prospect? good morning. southbound 101 marin county looking good. but now there's word of a b.a.r.t. delay in san francisco. pretty significant. we'll let you know more straight ahead.
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we have breaking news at 7:22. we're getting a report that a pirate in somalia is warning they will kill their danish hostages if there's any attempt to rescue those hostages. now, they are quoting a source from "the associated press" that any attack against those somali pirates would lead to the death of those hostages and the source referred to the killings of those last week killed on their yacht. the a the hostages include a couple, their three teenaged children and two adult crew medicals. we'll bring you more details as we get them in. we're live in outer space. look at your tv right now. you are looking at two members of the space shuttle "discovery" crew. they are about to attach a huge closet to the international space station. now, it looks like everything
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is standing still but they are busy in these live pictures. the mission specialist will be using that 58-foot robotic arm to remove what's called the leonardo space department and then they will transport that to the earth-facing side of the international space station. this module is the final american contribution to the assembly. there was a scary moment in an oakland as' eck pedestrian digs game. it was the bottom of the 6th, when the prospect raced up to first base. the throw was high. you can see there, the players collided. the player's helmet was broken in two. he was taken out of the game as a precau. laroche was not hurt. we have overnight news just
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in for southern california. a bad year for christina aguilera just got a lot worse. early this morning, police in west hollywood a -- arrested her because she appeared to be extremely intoxicated and unable to look after her own welfare. her boyfriend was arrest for dui last month. last month, she made headlines at the super bowl for forgetting the lines of the star-spangled banner and then she fell at the grammys. i guess friends have been trying to get her in rehab for a while. let's get to sal. he's watching your commute. >> right now, things are getting busier around the bay area. if you are leaving your house, you should plan to give yourself extra time. all of a sudden, 280 is busy getting up to highway 17. i want to move it up the map
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here. hayward, union city, fremont, a lot of people know it as the nancy nimitz, not too bad. but for the most part, it's okay. let's go to the live pictures. i want to show you that the traffic on the san mateo bridge looks okay. this morning we have a look at the westbound bay bridge coming into san francisco. traffic is backed up for about a ten-minute tee lay -- delay. let's go to steve. sal, we have a system coming in tonight. that will give us wind and rain tonight. mostly sunny in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon today. the south wind will pick up later on bigtime. you can see the system to the left of -- of the screen, it still hasaways to go. 34 napa, 33 santa rosa, fairfield, livermore, 34. it's cold out there. watch out -- watch how this system is developing. it's wrapping up nicely. so morning sun and then a cloudy afternoon. by tonight, i would say after
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about 7:00, 8:00, north bay coast and by probably 10:00 to midnight for the south bay. rain tonight becoming windy as well. in fact, maybe very windy. 50s to 60s on these temperatures. some of the heaviest rain will be in the santa cruz mountains. the good news it's a faster. but it will be an intense system for a while. rain into wednesday morning and then turning showery and breezy. we get a break on friday. increasing clouds on saturday. saturday night the rain could could make it to the north bay but it looks like sunday for everyone else. we're getting new information on the ntsb hearings with pg&e. and also how getting a taxi in san francisco may soon get easier during the peak travel time. i dislocated both my ankles.
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i had my first heart attack when i was 35 years old. - we have asthma. - when i found out i had cancer,
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i was so scared. announcer: at sutter health we share our expertise and invest in new technologies. because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. right now, traffic is affected in san francisco, right near the banana republic store. it looks like this window washing cherry picker lost control, came down. it looks like it even may have damaged the sidewalk here. this piece of equipment was washington -- was washing the
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windows. they have a huge tow truck there. but only the buses are getting by. this is, again, sutter, heading up from kerney. it's shut down. you won'table able to get -- you won't be able to get through. it's a good area to avoid. this is on the corner of sutter and grant, right in front of the banana republic flagship store there. apparently the cherry picker may have been doing something like washing the windows. just a few hours ago, the ntsb began a three-day hearing. they are looking into the deadly explosion in san bruno. these are live pictures from the hearing. just moments ago, the chairwoman from the ntsb promised to take every step possible to prevent another
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disaster. and this is the first time in over a desk aid, the answer is holding a -- the agency is -- in over a decade, the agency is holding a hearing. the hearing also taking place at the same -- the hearings are taking place at the same time whether the victims are considering whether to take the offer by pg&e. so far, only two families have agreed to the buyout. 16 others are seriously considering the offer. families who take the buyout can still sue pg&e. but pg&e hires the appraisers who determine the value of the home. several san francisco businesses are being sued this morning. they're accused of illegal dumping. city officials will officially announce the lawsuit today at a
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10:30 news conference. the new lawsuit is expected to name business owners in the bayview and hunters point. new legislation to stop illegal dumping is also expected to be announced at that news conference. in east palo alto, a ground- breaking ceremony takes place for a new public high school locatedded on garden street. once finished, it will feature a state-of-the-art gymnasium and science labs. the sequoia union high school district and private donors helped pay for the project. construction should be completed this fall. 7:33. several dogs are on their way to new york at this hour. it's part of "operation chihuahua." ktvu's jade hernandez has been at sfo this morning as the dogs get ready to head east. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. this is a journey we've been following all morning that brought us here to sfo
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international. this little guy is adorable of the this little chihuahua is headed to new york city. the first flight left a half hour ago. the second flight leaves in two hours. this is a west coast/east coast explain. this is the second year virgin america has picked up the tab to send the chihuahuas to the bick ap toll a shelter where the dogs are guaranteed to get adopted. last year, a line around the shelter started to form around the building despite early temperatures. >> they were really calm on the flight. most of them slept most of the way. >> you are looking at the brother and sister here, both
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headed to the adoption site. twenty chihuahuas were left behind in san francisco. if you want to follow the other 14 dogs on their way to new york city, you can do so, check out virgin america on facebook or twitter. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. this afternoon, barry bonds heads back to federal court in san francisco the he's expected to reenter his not guilty plea at this final major hearing before the scheduled beginning of hit perjury trial -- of his perjury trial in three weeks. he will testify with his trainer, craig anderson. anderson has refused to testify against him in the upcome -- upcoming trial. two police officers are on leave after they shot and
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killed a schizophrenic man. it happened yesterday morning. family members say robert ka rhone pointed a gun at the -- caron pointed a gun at the officers. they fire back. >> officers were made aware of the information as they were at the scene. >> they said they have to pay. he never pay. this is what happened. they kill him. >> now, police say caron had an extensive history of threats against police officers. a there are several questions tied to the jaydy dugard case. phillip garrido and nancy
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garrido are awaiting trial in el dorado county. yesterday, it was reported that the couple has confessed to kidnapping the child and holding her prisoner in their home for 18 years. that could pave the pay for -- way for a plea bargain. and there's no question that nancy garrido is looking for a lighter sentence. >> mr. and mrs. garrido have given full and complete statements to the sheriff's department. they've been honest with them. >> the attorney says nancy garrido deserves a break because she acted as the -- as the mother to her. but they also knockage -- acknowledge it was nancy who grabbed the child on the south lake tahoe street and forced her into her husband's car back in 2001. you can hear the entire interview at click on the dugard case tab at
7:37 am starting today, medical marijuana clubs will be taxed on their sales. sanjose city officials say pot clubs will have to pay 7% of monthly pot seas. the first sale is -- pot sales. the first sale is due april 30th. sanjose city officials plan to clarify the whole issue with the attorney general coming up in june. san francisco transit officials want to make it easy for you to get a cab in san francisco. the muni board of directors is expected to form a new taxi program at meeting today. that would bring more cabs to the city during the peak travel times. the muni tax advisory council would have to make an official proposal before that program
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could be put into place. we want to check in with sal. a lot going. you mentioned b.a.r.t. delays and also a car into a building in san francisco. >> yes. from san francisco to the east bay, 20-minute delays on all trains coming in. those delays may be eventually into san francisco we'll keep checking with b.a.r.t. sutter street is closed because of this construction equipment. it's actually a cherry picker that crashed. it look like it may have damaged the sidewalk on sutter between kearney and grant. so sutter is shut down between kerney and grant except for muni buses that have to go through there because they are on overhead power. the rest of the traffic is not getting through. you can see it's completely closed, except for the muni bus. they do have a big piece of equipment here. it looks like a toe truck is going to lift the crane off the
7:39 am
sidewalk. they might have to repair, put something down to make that sidewalk safe. this is right in front of the banana republic store. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. traffic is going to be backed you. there was an earlier stall. there was a stall being hooked up to the tow truck. they've removed that and traffic is backed up longer than it would be. >> if you are driving on nimitz freeway, a lot of stop-and-go traffic now from about "a" street heading down to tennessee -- ten in i son. let's if to -- tennyson. let's go to steve. increasing high clouds but it will be a mix of sun and clouds today. a system that's getting closer, it looks to be rather vigor 0 us -- vigorous. about you it won't show up for a -- but it won't show up for a
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little while. more sun in the morning and then increasing clouds. very windy for a while. there may be moderate to heavy rain. the good news is, this system is a fast mover. it shouldn't linger too long. i think by tomorrow morning at this tame, we'll be on the back side of the front. kind of a showery day. morning sun and then a cloudy afternoon. becoming windy, some brief heavy rain, and also the russian river for tonight. that morning rain will give way to a cool, breezy pattern. haven't had a low of low 60s. the system is still out there it has aways to go. everything is focusing its energy you towards crescent city, humboldt county. but even that's low. heard from joe in oakmont, degrees. gilroy, morgue be hill, 33. clayton, 34. stanford was m -- 34.
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dublin/pleasanton, 35. an anselmo, 36. redwood city at 35. even hayward, 39. we'll go 50 -- 55 by noon an then a high today of 60 with gradually increasing clouds. the rain should hold off in san jose until about 10:00 tonight or even later. there's your system, now, again, doing this, kind of going like that. it's developing rapidly. any time you see a low developing from nothing into something, that's a sign something is coming in. it will -- the system will swing in tonight. sun and clouds, highs near 60s after a cold start to the morning. and then windy at times with the rain returning tonight and taking us into tomorrow as well. mostly sunny, higher clouds. 48 to 5 by noon and then we'll go mostly cloudy as the system
7:42 am
gets much closer. 50s and 60s. concord, 60 degrees. we'll go san jose 60. fremont pleasanton in there alove with los gatos. showers cooler into thursday and then a break on friday. all right saturday morning and then rain in the north bay saturday night and rain for everybody on sunday. tori? >> thank you, steven. what's happening on capitol hill today to keep the government from shutting down on friday. and no need to fear the beard. what brian wilson is doing today to connect with fans.
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time is 7:45. how does the economy look and how are the soaring gas prices
7:45 am
affecting the recovery? ktvu's pam cook has the answers given at a hearing just moments ago on capitol hill. she joins us from the newsroom. pam? >> well, gas prices, inflation, unamendment, all remain very big concerns. they are -- unemployment, all remain very big concerns. they are being discussed in washington, d.c. i want to take you live to the hearing where ben bernanke is answering questions light now. he headed into the -- right now. he headed into the meeting about 45 minutes ago. i've been watching the proceedings. topping many american's concerns, gas prices. ber nan kay says he expect -- bernanke says he expects gas prices to remain low and the recent price in oil will lead to a temporary and modest increase in u.s. consumer price inflation. however, he warns the job market and housing market is
7:46 am
what is preventing the economy from being established. >> although mortgage rates are low, many home own -- potential home buyers are still finding loans to obtain. >> reporter: the fed chief says although there's optimism in the jobs report for december and january, the pace of hiring is too close to -- is too slow to make much of a dent in unemployment. analysts warn that inflation remains a threat. here in the united states, food is taking a big byte out of -- big bite out of household budgets. the analysts are saying more than 12% of after-tax income is being spent on fuel and food. reporting live from newsroom, pam cook. back to dave. >> thank you, pam. today on capitol hill, the
7:47 am
house of representatives will consider a stop-gap spending bill. this bill would keep the government running for two more weeks for the senate, the white house to work on a deal for long-term legislation. republicans want to cut $60 billion from government agencies over the coming months but they are settling for $4 billion what they call easy cuts light how -- cuts right now. tax cuts that started last month is boosting u.s. incomes. the commerce department says earnings are up 1%, following a 2% reduction in social security tax. that's the biggest increase in income in one and a half years. how far, personal spending is only up a bit, as you heard pam say. that could be a sign that people are being cautious with their money even though the economy on paper is showing some improvement. more bay area school districts are preparing for job cuts. last night, the san rafael
7:48 am
school board voted to issue layoff notices to up to 40 teachers and counselors, tonight the novato school district will consider layoff notices for 25 teachers and ross valley schools could lose five positions. all three schools say the layoff notices could be rescinded if voters approve the governor's proposed tax extension in june. students at california college campuses statewide are preparing to stage marches andrallys against budget cuts tomorrow. the so-called day of action events will take place across the bay area, including in berkeley, oakland, s an francisco, and san jose. students and teachers will march to stop $1.4 billion in funding cuts proposed by governor jerry brown. 7:49. hundreds of pounds of frozen potpies made by a santa clara company are he be -- are being recalled. piccadilly foods say the pies they made between august 1st of
7:49 am
last year and the end of last month may contain eggs. now, some people are allergic to eggs. but the eggs are not listed 0 the labels. piccadilly says 775 pounds of the pies were sold here in california and three other states. no one reportedly had has had any allergic reactions. if you are worried, you can take the products back toot stores. when it comes to blueberry breakfast treats, what you see on the fox may not be what you are getting. blueberry featured blueberries didn't have a single blueberry in it, it's reported. manufacturers often use fakes because they are cheap.
7:50 am
it's legal as long as the label on the side of the box tells the truth about it. the truth about charlie sheen's hit sitcom will get paid for half of the episodes cancelled. charlie sheen called this a start with the producers of "two and a half men." he's become one of the biggest stars on the world champion giants. we're talking about pitcher brian wilson. now he can be as close as your home computer. the rather eccentric-relief pitcher with that website that he has, he wants you to check it out. he even says people can send in photos of their beards. go to and go to the web link section. a piece of maintenance
7:51 am
equipment has damaged a san francisco sidewalk and now a street is closed in downtown san francisco. we'll tell you what's going to happen next. atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho, d as♪eeone.♪ wju kp ep' o♪ bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle!
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i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
7:53 am
check this out. a bird strike forces continental airlines and its flight to make an emergency landing. the flight had just taken off at reagan national airport yesterday morning, when a bird was socked into one of the engines. witnesses saw feathers shooting out. the plane landed safely at dulles airport. american airlines has agreed to pay a fine for charging passengers hidden fees. did the of transportation says $30 was deducted from their vouchers.
7:54 am
those vouchers were given to those people who agreed to be bumped off flights but they could not be used online, where american doesn't charge a fee to book a flight. the city of vallejo is inviting leaders to city hall to weigh in on their bus service. vallejo is considering eliminating several bus rides. passengers would instead be encouraged to ride the ferry. the officials say the change is needed because of rising costs. a public meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at the vallejo city hall. 7:55. sal sal, you have some -- sal, you have some wild stories this morning. >> yes. let's go right to the picture. this cherry picture that's -- picker that's usually used for washing windows on sutter and grant came crashing down. nobody was injured but it made
7:55 am
a huge hole in the sidewalk. jade hernandez is on the scene right now. she's going to tell us other about what happened and what they plan to do to reopen sutter street here. a lot of police officers are here along with heavy equipment. let's go to the toll plaza. there was heavy traffic there. let's go to steve. hold on there, sal. i was going to the chroma key there. >> steve, go to the thingamajig there. >> i got it. we do have mostly sunny skies. rain comes in tonight. it's all right now. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. the system, though, is looking pretty good by tonight. again, that's not today, by tonight. we look all right. this will be a morning of sun and increasing clouds. friday looks good, too. wednesday and thursday we'll have to deal with rain. cloudy skies and gusty winds
7:56 am
and the -- and then the rain returns. we are looking to upwards of 3 inches in the santa cruz mountains and then the russian river. that would be the extreme end of it. but 1, 1.50 looks more likely. 30s to very low 40s. our system will continue to move in. there she be. right there. that's starting to intensify. today, though, we start off with sun and cloudy in the morning, rain tonight, becoming windy overnight. tonight late into early tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the highs. temperatures continue to creep up a little bit. tomorrow they will cool down. we'll carry that into wednesday. rain should end wednesday morning. cool, breezy, showery into wednesday. saturday morning is okay. by sunday, it makes it for everyone else. >> thank you, steve. 7:57. a high-tech heist in fremont, we're just getting new information from police about the street value of the stolen
7:57 am
goods. the top bay area narcotics officers accused of selling drugs is reportedly facing some disturbing new charges. and documents from the fbi file of the late senator edward kennedy contain a shocking allegation of something he did while on a trip to latin america 50 years ago.
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just hours ago hearings began in washington, d.c. on the pipeline disaster in san bruno. there was important testimony moments ago. >> reporter: some elementary school students got sick from eating cookies laced with pot and what principal plans to do about it. a major street in san francisco is shut down because of a piece of construction equipment that crashed into the sidewalk. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, the first day of march. we're bringing you an update on
8:00 am
this height at the unigen corporation. we're receiving information about just how much the stolen items are worth. kraig debro has been out on the story all morning. and he will be back with ashsh -- be back in a couple of minutes with the details. just a couple of hours, the ntsb began a three-day hearing into one of the worst disaster of bay area hisly. the federal agency is looking into the deadly explosion in san bruno. this will be the first time pg&e executives will testify under oath about the september explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. the utility has just issued a statement promising full cooperation. the chairwoman of the ntsb promised to take every step possible it prevent -- possible to prevent another disaster and she acknowledged the pipeline rupture in san bruno has caused investigators to question whether the same thing could happen elsewhere. we'll have an update on
8:01 am
washington, d.c. on this hearing coming up in 15 minutes. your time is now 8:01. four fifth-grade students in vallejo became stick after they unknowingly shared a cookie laced with marijuana at lunchtime. allie rasmus is joining us live with how the kids ended up with cookies in the first place. >> reporter: ten minute ago i had the opportunity to -- minute ago, i had -- ten minutes ago, i had the opportunity to speak with the principal and plans to have a talk with the student body about what happened yesterday. it was during the lunch hour when four vallejo student students got sick after eating cookies laced with pot. one of the students told police he got the cookies from a vallejo convenience store -- screens store clerk while on his way to school. he said he was given two of the packages for free. and he shared the cookies
8:02 am
during lunch and then a couple of hours later, all of them reported feeling sick. and there was a wrapper with a half-eaten cookie. >> it was brought to the office. on the wrapper it said "medicinal canny because." and-- "medicinal cannabis." >> reporter: the students went to the hospital and were released. they are expected to be okay. we don't know which cannabis club or store the cookie cass imfrom. but the woman you heard from from the school district says the police pal here plans on having a discussion with the students. that will focus on good decision making and warning the kids about accepting gifts from
8:03 am
strangers. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. some new accusations this morning against the state drug detective accused of selling drugs that he confiscated. now there's word he might have tried to sell military grade explosives. norman weilsh is the former commander of the task team. this morning, the times "reports that he and bustler tried to buy a brick of military brigade explosives. the two are scheduled to appear in court form for their hearing. just within the past 30 minutes, ktvu's kraig debro found out how much stolen items are worth in that east -- are worth in that heist. here's more from kraig.
8:04 am
>> reporter: it's at least after discussing this with the officials. people are here but they've been told by their bosses not to speak to us. this is how the thieves got in the property, this hole here. i'm just learning that the police have a special investigator and i'm told the value stolen, $2 million. we made several attempts to get the common to -- to get the company to talk to us. we went to the home of the ceo, paul hen. he was not home -- not home. the well thing took about 30 minutes. police won't say what was taken but according to the unisite, the company makes power
8:05 am
converters and wire and wireless. >> on the other -- i kind of wonder these guys recognize or realize that their happens of getting away with this is low. on the other hand, i wonder if the cutback of police officers -- police officers have anything to do with it. reporting live from fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. let's go to sal. we have some wild things happening in our commute this morning, especially around san francisco. >> that's right. we have one of the major streets in the financial district closed right now. sutter street is closed between kerney and grant because -- because of a piece of equipment
8:06 am
that came crashing down. apparently this equipment was doing maintenance work on a building nearby. it crashed, came down, and damaged the sidewalk. it may have damaged the building nearby. we're waiting to find out. jade hernandez is on the scene nearby. they have to get this out of there before they can reown the street. we'll have a live report straight ahead. moving along and taking a look at the traffic here -- traffic here, it's very slow on westbound highway 84, there's a crash there. 680 is slow from done cord to -- concord to walnut creek. hayward to fremont right now, pretty slow, especially in hayward on 92 although there are no crashes on the way. the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup that's about 15 minutes long. at 8:0 also let's go to steve. >> thank you -- thank you, sir.
8:07 am
we have a few low clouds around. a few high clouds. some of that low cloud deck hanging around. up above, mostly sunny, however things will thick later on. by tonight, we'll have some rain total projections here somewhat. sun and clouds, upper 50s to 60 degrees after a cold beginning and then wind and rain arrive tonight and then the cold and wind arrive tonight with the rain. there could be brief to moderate amounts of rain coming in tonight. we have patchy low clouds. a cloudy afternoon. now this will end tomorrow morning and then we'll turn cooler breezy with more of a showery pattern. some of the low clouds started to get bushed -- started to get pushed in advance of the system.
8:08 am
it will get there. 31 in oakmont, kenwood, gilroy/morgan -- morgan hill 33. had some lower 30s for napa. now they are 38. 30s and 40s for many. a chilly morning. sanjose started off at 38. we'll go 55 at noon and then 60 at 4:00 for your high under mostly sunny/partly cloudy skies. that's with increasing clouds coming in today. take a look at the system. there it is. it's wrapping itself up. when they do that, it's loss entrenching the lower latitude system. this one is coming up from the lower southwest, it's warmer. any advisories up in the mountains do not kick in until midnight. after a dry day today, that all changes late tonight wednesday into thursday -- wednesday night into thursday. 30s to 40s to start off in the
8:09 am
morning. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. some low and high clouds. mix of sun and clouds by noon. we'll go mostly sunny and a little breezy as that system gets closer. 50s and 60s for your highs. getting near average but we'll go right back down on the highs tomorrow. friday looks great and then mostly sunny saturday morning, mostly cloudy with light rains friday night and then it look like it spread south. 8:10. you can get your breakfast, lunch, even dinner for free and help out a good cause. that is, if you want pancakes. ktvu was right there this morning as local ihop restaurants began serving free short stacks of pancakes a little while ago. in return, the restaurant chain is hoping customers will make a big decision to children's hospital oakland, which is part of the children's miracle networks of hospitals. >> what a great thing to do,
8:10 am
plus they eat -- you eat breakfast. >> i-hope is hoping to raise $2- point 3 million for event today, which is being offered all over the mesh. they are -- america. they are offering this until 10:00 tonight. a celebrity linked to moammar gadhafi makes a big announcement as pressure continues to grow for other stars. and why some say logo for -- logo for next year's winter olympic games is racist.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back. we have -- welcome back. we have developing news. sutter street is closed because of a cherry picker coming down on the ground. jade hernandez is over there now. what's going on over there, jade? >> reporter: it's pretty amazing to see this. we're live at sutter and grant. you can see where this cherry picker has fallen. it's chopped part of this tree. you can see some of the limbs have fallen over here. we have su information -- we have new information to share with you. this man, this city engineer, is gonna tell us what happened here this morning. what happened? >> the contractor was working on cleaning the windows of this building. using a forklift that's not
8:14 am
supposed to be on the sidewalk because there is a basement under this sidewalk that i don't believe was designed to carry a 25,000-pound forklift. so luckily, the tire fell between two teams without supporting the sidewalk. we inspected the building from downstairs from the basement -- >> reporter: we have to interrupt just a second because -- people at home are seeing these pictures. no one was hurt, though? >> no. i don't believe anyone was hurt, no. >> okay. what time did this happen? >> i believe it happened a -- happened at 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: were they working or was this actually sitting there waiting for workers to get here? >> i really don't know the details. however, what i'm assuming is that the building inside the story was closed. no but was in the basement and the crew was working outside on the sidewalk on walking the windows. so luckily, there was nobody in
8:15 am
the building inside. even if there was anybody, the damage is so minimum there's minimum damage but this is gonna take a lot to pick up. >> the contractor is moving, as -- as you can see, i think it will take them about an hour to move this forklift. >> reporter: we're seeing san francisco police trying to get everyone away from this area. they are trying to make sure that everyone is -- remains safe because no one was hurt in the initial accident. but pretty amazing to see. this whole entire cherry picker. you can see that -- you can really tell there's a basement underneath the sidewalk, which is the case along the city streets here. >> i think the initial assessment, there was a sinkhole and because of the fire sprinkler failed underneath it and -- and there was some water, it was thought that this would be maybe a
8:16 am
water main break. but it wasn't. this has nothing to do with the city main water system here. it had to do with the sprinkler system under the sidewalk in the building basement. >> reporter: and that sprinker system weakened the concrete here? >> no, no. the concrete is testify is not designed to carry a forklift that's about, you know, like i said, 25,000 pounds. >> reporter: just too heavy, it's just too heavy? >> however, it may be that -- the wheels of the forklift were three feet to the -- you know, to our side, the tire will be standings on top of the -- on top and that wouldn't happen. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. this man's a city engineer. we'll have more for you in
8:17 am
another update coming up. back to you, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> including when that street is gonna open. certainly a but sir ayaw, between grant and kerney -- busy area, between grant and kerney. thank you, jade. top officials are testifying in washington, d.c. about the san bruno pipeline disaster. alison burns is covering this with what's been done so far this morning. >> reporter: since my last update about an hour ago, this entire hearing has focused on the type of shutoff valve that pg&e was using on the san bruno pipeline on september 9th. this is video from the ntsb webcast of the hearing. you can see the pg&e executives being sworn in, it is their first time testifying under oath. investigators have been targeting most of their questions at pg&e's risk manager, chi long lee.
8:18 am
he's being asked how long the automatic shutoff valve worked versus the hand one. eight people were killed in this disaster. >> let me put it this way, would it take 60 minutes or a 90 -- or 90 minutes for a remote valve to close. >> no. >> would it take 40 minutes? >> no. >> cy not sure investigators ever got a straight answer. this is a fact-finding hearing. the ntsb's final report and more safety recommendations are expected in september. back to you. >> thank you. 8:19. we're watching libya right now. today, u.s. savely and airs force -- air force teams are moving closer to -- closer to libya. in meantime, there's this --
8:19 am
celebrations happening in a libyan city closest to the capital that's now being held by the rebels there. witnesses say overnight, gadhafi loyalists tried for about six hours to retake the area but they could not take control of the city of zowuwere. also, nelly furtado says she will donate a big chunk of money she was donated by the gadhafi clan. back in september of 2007 see, was paid a million dollars for a 45-minute show for a hotel in -- hotel guests in italy. now she says she will notate -- donate money paid to her to a charity, but did not -- but she did not say which charity. meanwhile, usher, mariah carey
8:20 am
and others were paid. mariah carey was reportedly paid a million dollars to perform on saint bart's. lieutenant-governor, gavin newsom, is difficulting the traditional state office building. find out why he will be settings unin -- setting up in shop in an -- setting up shop in an unusual building in sacramento. and more traffic and weather straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
documents from a watch group that edward kennedy rented a brothel to chile, dates back to a fact-finding trip that he took to 19 -- to the country in 1961 when he was 29 years old. he was elected to the senate the next year and served in until his death in 2009. the logo for the 2012 olympic games in london is drawing criticism from iran. the numbers show 2012 in jagged
8:24 am
figures. but iran says it's racist because it resembles the word "zion" which is widely recognized as a world in jerusalem. lieutenant-governor and former san francisco mayor has a new office in the city. he's working in a shared space in the south of market neighborhood. it's called the founders den. it's an invitation-only workspace for entrepreneurs. the lieutenant-governor normally works in a -- in a state-owned building. but authority say this is part of newsom's effort to redefine how government and businesses interact. google expanding its street view service and using a bigger version after kid's toy 20 do it. look at this. google is using giant tricycles
8:25 am
for its street vau lieu -- for its street view. google has already started posting places. >> it's amazing how quickly we get used to going on google and google earth looking for picture of all of these places. let's check in with sal. keeping a close eye on the commute for us, a lot of problems out there, sal. >> that's right. we're looking this time at the bay area bridges in case you have to cross one of them. coming into marin county, traffic looks good. also on the golden gate bridge traffic. another the nimitz freeway is gonna be slow from "a" street heading south. the backup has been reduced on the bridge. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have some clouds, patchy fog, that will continue through
8:26 am
most of the day with filtered sunshine. until this evening. then we start to include it you. rain comes in tonight. it will hit the area tonight by 10:00. the system is not even there but it's getting closer. 30s and 40s we're starting to work off the morning lows. we are a down to 31, 32, 33 for some. where is that system? right there. it's intensifying. there could be brief heavy rain. so sunny today, then increasing clouds later on, rain and wind tonight but forecasted highs should be enough sun to get us to the upper 50s and very low 60s. saturday morning is okay. and sunday looks like rain for everybody. dave? >> thank you, sal. you watched jade hernandez's live report a couple of minutes ago. look what's happening now. we'll get you another update on
8:27 am
the window watchers' cheri picker that closed down a -- cherry picker that closed down a busy bay area street. also, barry bonds is due back in court today along with a key figure in his perjury case. and several chihuahuas like that one, they are getting the royal treatment on a -- on a plane to new york right now.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. developing news. this is wild. sutter street closed in san francisco between kerney and grant after a window washer's cherry picker crashed to the ground right in front of a
8:30 am
banana republic store. ktvu's jade hernandez -- you are out there right now. what's the latest on that? any idea when the street might be reopened, jade? >> reporter: well, dave, you heard the city engineer tell us a few minutes ago, they think this could take about an hour to clean u up. there's actually three tow trucks and one of them is leaving to remove this forklift. we're being told this forklift is 25,000 pounds. it's stunk into the sidewalk. we learned -- it's stunk into the sidewalk. we learned from the city engineer, this forklift is way too heavy for the sidewalk. there is a basement underneath it. that's according to police. usually the forklifts are not on the sidewalk. the main reason is they are hollow.
8:31 am
the city engineer tolled you -- told us that the tire got caught between two bowls. so if those tires had been a few feet close to our cameras, the engineer told us this issue would have never happened, the forklift would not have sunk into the sidewalk. it's caused a huge problem for folks here this morning. fortunately, you look at this picture and you think oh, my goodness. did anyone get hurt? no one was hurt or injured in this accident. we understand it happened around 2:00 a.m. this morning. a private contractor hired the workers cleaning the window of the banana republic. so they are not city engineers. but the city engineer was out here to explain what was going on because this is along the sidewalk. we're told no one was hurt and it's gonna take about an hour egg -- about an hour to get this forklift up and out of the sidewalk. that's the latest from san francisco. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it looks like the truck backing up behind you is gonna start doing that work.
8:32 am
any idea on the time frame? >> reporter: no. the question is how much longer will it take to pull this out? >> we estimate about an hour. >> reporter: okay. >> we also asked our engineers back in the office to do a calculation on the beam under the sidewalk and they are safe to carry this load. so there should be no further load or stress to the buildings or the street. >> reporter: fantastic. thank you for joining us. he's the city engineer for san francisco. you herald also this incident happened earlier in horning -- this morning. >> all right. we'll czech back with you at -- check back with you at the top of the hour. thank you. muni is fighting back against some harsh criticism, a top executive from the state
8:33 am
puc claims the current condition of san francisco's transit system is the with worst in california. muni hows to mount an aggressive defense against these accusations calling them overblown and unfair. meanwhile, the governing board will take up issues at the west portal strain -- portal train. dozens of people were hurt in this accident. muni has paid out $550,000 in payments. out does the economy look and how are the soaring gas prices affecting the recovery? those questions are being
8:34 am
answered rye now on capitol hill. pam cook has been watching the hearings and joins us with an update. >> good morning. ben bernanke is still answering questions before the senate committee. most the focus has been on inflation. we want to show you a live picture from that hearing. it started nearly two hours ago. many of the senators are pointing out that rising gas prices and the resulting rise in food prices is really taking a toll on american families. consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of economic activity. so if meshes are having to spend more on gas and groceries, we have less to spend on other things to get the economy going. so the senators are asking bernanke if the fed's international policicies are working. >> i think the bulk of the commodity price movements are not resulting from federal reserve policy but from a
8:35 am
global supply and demand factor. >> now, he did -- he did talk about the policies that are working. , says while a -- he says he sects inflation to remain low and only a modest fix in consumer prices. that probably ebbs means that we'll continue to see low interest rates. the chief warned that the house market is really what's preventing this from being brought through.
8:36 am
8:36. this afternoon, barry bonds heads back to court in san francisco. he's expected to reenter his not guilty flee at this final hearing at his perjury trial in three weeks. barry bonds will be sharing the spotlight with him, his former trainer. anderson is expected to refuse to testify. anderson has already served jail time for refusing to testify earlier. starting today, medical marijuana clubs in san jose will now be pax taxed on their -- taxed on their sales. sanjose city leaders say pot clubs will have to pay 7% of the monthly gross steals -- some top gross sales. some fear paying the tax could be seen as an incredible authority act. sanjose city plans to clarify legal issues with guidance from the attorney general in june.
8:37 am
a messy problem in one san francisco neighborhood is resulting in a new lawsuit. city officials say too many businesses in bayview and hunters point are illegally dumping garage. now the city is planning on suing some of the businesses to stop it from happening. the city officials will announce the lawsuit in about two hours at a -- at a 10:30 press conference. 8:38. we're watching san francisco because they are about to unload the ambassador yacht for the upcoming 2013 america's cup. in fact, this is a live picture. chopper 2 is flying overhead right now. we're watching the men. they are busy. they will start to unload this around 9:00 this morning. the yacht belongs to the oracle racing team, it's called the usa 17. it arrived in the u.s. yesterday. they had to bring it into
8:38 am
pieces because this was a huge yacht. now, those work crews down there that we're watching from newschopper2, they are two. start the -- gonna start the unloading process sometime after 9:00 this morning. the pieces of the yacht will be put into storage. organizers say they are working on some way to kit the -- some way to exhibit the usa 17. >> yes. >> we want to check in with sal get another look at the commute and the bridges, see how everything is going this morning. >> everything is still. not everything. but a lot of areas are. westbound highway 4 has recovered. highway 4 was terrible because of an earlier crash and now things seem to be settling down. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are getting much better here. the backup right now is about eight to ten minutes. that's all. in the south bay, we haven't had a really bad commute.
8:39 am
we've had backups at 280 and 101. 85 is especially slow. and then on the peninsula, 101 southbound, is slow. look like we have a brand-new crash reported. let's go to steve. mostly sunny, we have patchy low clouds around. santarosa, san rafael. but high clouds up along with the sunshine. it will be that way for the moving hours. we're waiting for the system to get here but it won't get here until eight into. -- at night. the breeze will -- the breeze will start to kick in. this system is taking aim more towards the north and that will carry into early tomorrow morning and then clear i -- clearing, breezing and a showery pattern. it's not -- we still have a ways to go.
8:40 am
about eight, ten hours away. we had a lot of low 30s, middle 30s. >> there's our system. this is much different from a couple of days ago when everything was coming out of the north. whenever you see a look there, that's the low developing. that will be the source of the wind. most of this will drive to the north. we get a decent day out of it, sun and clouds. highs near 60 degrees for many after a chilly start. but by tonight, we could see .50 towards 3 inches towards the russian river and north towards mendocino county and maybe the santa cruz mountains as that system swees in late tonight into early thursday. we'll see a mix of sunday and clouds. and then some of the clouds
8:41 am
will inch closer. throughout most of the day, it will be all right. we're still slightly. we're getting oh, so close with temperatures in the 60s. showery thursday, okay friday, and then we increase the clouds saturday morning. there could be some rain for everyone on sunday. late word from -- late word from detroit. one of the big three is reporting very good news. it's been linked to skin canners. now doctors are saying one group of people should be banned from the tanning beds.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
an update on developing news in san francisco. right now crews are working to remove a many lift that partially crashed through a sidewalk. it happened at sutter and grant. ktvu's jade hernandez is there at the scene and has this update. jade? >> reporter: that's right. just a few moments ago, these three tow trucks have started to pull what they are calling a -- calling this equipment out. this is about 25,000 pounds.
8:45 am
the cityic near toll us this morning -- the city engineer told us this morning that's why this sunk into the sidewalk, one of these many lifts usually operates from the street and not from the sidewalk, and the reason, in the city of san francisco, some of the sidewalks are hollow. there is a basement underneath this sidewalk. we're-- this was a contractor who was hired to clean the windows. whoever parked this here, did not know this weight would be too much for the sidewalk to handle. these tires are in between two beams. as you can see, they are having a difficult time lifting this out. city estimated this process would take about an hour. as you can tell, i think they will run into some other obstacles just because of the weight of it. one of the things we noticed when we arrived, three
8:46 am
different toe trucks, i mean that just kind of gives you an idea of how heavy this many lift is. now, as we're giving you the situation -- we're giving you the situation as this is happening, live at sutter and grant, and we can tell you that no one was hurt in this accident. that's fortunate. that's good news. they've shut down the road that has been making it difficult for drivers in and around the area. it's a busy section of the city. but we can tell you, as you can see right now, they are lifting this many lift up at sutter and grant. a lot of people are walking by and they are on their way to work. they are stopping. they are looking. they can't even imagine this has happened. no one was hurt in the initial accident. right now, city engineers are monitoring this and trying to make sure that this many lift gets you. we're in front of the banana republic store. we're told the contractor who
8:47 am
was hired was not part of the city crew to clean the windows. we're told this could take an hour to get this many lift back on the street. back to you. our time now, 8:48. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following right now. police say a team of armed robbers escaped with $2 million worth of stolen goods from fremont's u -- unigen this morning. police say as many as 15 armed suspects were involved. today, students at grace patterson elementary school in vallejo will be instructed on how to be very, very careful and way ir-- and way irof their surroundings. this is after four fifth graders became sick after eating a cookie laced with
8:48 am
marijuana. police say one student gave out those cookeries -- cookies. and the ntsb is conducting a hearing in washington, d.c. they are investigating the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. jackie speier is there. the ntsb chairwoman actually credited her for hing to arrange these hearings -- for helping to arrange these hear -- hearings. pg&e has offered to buy homes damaged and destroyed in the explosion and fire last september. so far, only two families have agreed to take a buyout. sixteen others are considering the offer. families who take the pg&e buyout can still sue but pg&e hires the appraisers who
8:49 am
considers the value of the home. a huge sales jump in detroit for gm. the sales increased by nearly 50% last month. gm said it sold 207,000 cars in february for a 49% increase over the same month last year. the company says an improving economy along with better financing and lease deals led to the jump. a top executive said the sales were seen across the entire mod. lineup despite the -- model lineup, despite the increase in gas prices. more bay area school districts getting ready for the budget crisis. last night the san rafael school board voted to issue rayoff notices to as many as 40 teachers and counselors. tonight, the novato school district will issue notices for 25 teachers. ross valley could lose five jobs.
8:50 am
this could be rescinded if the voters approve the governor's tax extension in june. meanwhile, california campuses all over the state are getting ready to stage markets and rallies over the bay area, tomorrow including berkeley, oakland, san francisco and san jose. the students and teachers will march to try to stop $1.4 billion in funding cuts that have been proposed by governor jerry brown. it's nine minutes before 9:00. teenagers could soon be barred from taking saloons. the american council on pediatrics is considering banning the young people. the increase in cases of melanoma in women has gone up 3% of he -- every year.
8:51 am
and the teens also preage their skin a coming up as 20 years -- skin as much as 20 years. several chihuahuas are on their way to new york city. this is part of "operation chihuahua" this is being done because there's so many chihuahuas in california shelters but there is a great demand for them on the east coast the a second flight leaves at 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> it will be an awesome flight accommodating these little guys. >> this is the second year, virgin america has sent chi wa you -- chihuahuas to shelters. last year they say there was a long line of people hoping to adopt one of those cute dogs. >> we wish them well. >> yes, huh-uh. it's something we've been following all morning four -- all morning for you. it's developing news. we'll give you one more update
8:52 am
on that window washing equipment accident.
8:53 am
8:54 am
another quick look at downtown san francisco. sutter street closed. the tow trucks with trying to move that manlift that collapsed on the sidewalk on sutter street. they are making progress, it looks like. but again, stay out of the area because of the collapsed many lift -- manlift. we'll keep an eye on this for
8:55 am
knew there was scary -- eye on this for you. there was scary moments at spring training. two players collided from the as. the as first baseman was not hurt. one of the bickest stars on a world champion giants can be as close as -- biggest stars, a world champion giant, can be on your computer. we've set up a link at go to the web link section. it's ticket 2sdey. we're giving away two passes to sierra at tahoe resort. you can use the passes any sunday or monday through the rest of the 2010 -- 2011 season. after you enter go to before midnight tonight, scroll
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down to the "right -- to the -- scroll down and put in the secret word" mobiles." let's check in with sal one more time. we have a motorcycle accident. the chp has issued a sig-alert for 380 westbound, just after 280. this crash is blocking one of the lanes. this traffic is very slow in the area. taking a look at the toll plaza, it's recovered for the drive. in san francisco, traffic looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. >> high clouds but overall, mostly sunny, probably into the early afternoon and then turning cloudy tonight. that will lead to wind and rain tonight into wednesday and then kind of a cool, showery -- showery pattern wednesday. rain saturday night and sunday.
8:57 am
>> warmer temperatures, though. >> warmer temperatures though. >> all right. hard to believe it's march already. >> i know. okay. that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. >> bye now. adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
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